Hey there baseball fans, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the baseball internet. My name is Jake Berry and I want to take a moment to tell you a little about berrysbaseball.com.

The goal of berrysbaseball.com is to be the number one online spot for Texas Rangers fans to read about the stars who will one day make an impact with the big club in The Lone Star State. You see, I have a love for all things baseball, but prospects and the minor leagues have a special place in my heart. There are hundreds of places to read about the top two or three prospects in a system, but berrysbaseball.com goes much deeper than that. Of course we spend a lot of time evaluating the top future Rangers, but we give every prospect making an impact in the system their due as well. Obviously you can expect a little major league coverage, after all, we’re hear to see the big club win games.

Let me warn you, I have a weird blend of baseball opinions. I absolutely love the sabermetrics in today’s game, but I don’t devalue SOME of the traditional stats. I simply view sabermetrics as a way to dig deeper into the numbers. I guess you could call me a baseball purist. I love the history and the beauty of the game and in my opinion, baseball is healthier than ever. But, I don’t automatically scoff at new ideas. You won’t get any knee jerk reactions to the suggestion of change around here.

FINALLY, my writing style will bring you facts and figures, because numbers don’t lie, but more importantly I pride myself on providing in depth analysis and opinionated pieces. Don’t expect berrysbaseball.com to be all game recaps, although there will be plenty of those, expect much deeper pieces than that.

While berrysbaseball.com is my passion project, you can also find my work at two other outstanding sites. At legendsondeck.com, we cover all things baseball. I mainly provide prospect highlights and other unique articles. At prospects1500.com I provide dynasty fantasy baseball content on the Rangers farm system. All of my work with both sites are exclusive to those sites, so be sure to check them out!

Full disclosure. I am a die hard Atlanta Braves fan, so be ready for some Braves tweets @berrys_baseball but rest assured, I have loyalty to the Rangers as well… I’ve dedicated a website to them, is that enough proof? If not, I promise the Rangers tweets outweigh the Braves tweets, slightly.

– Jake